Poster presentation guidelines

Congratulations on being accepted to present at COSPAR-2021-HYBRID!

Please see below the following instructions for setting up, creating and submitting your Poster Presentation.

Author Guidelines

Poster presenters are expected to submit a short summary video and PDF Poster for the Assembly. Only those submissions that accompany a paid registration will be included within the virtual platform.

Deadline for submission of the full video for presenters, is 31/12/2020.

Virtual Presentation Details

All virtual presentations will be delivered via pre-recorded webcast and will be accessed and viewed via the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid Assembly virtual platform.

Please refer to the website for suggested guidelines for presenting with a webcam- tips and best practices, and Framing & Lighting guidelines.

Virtual Platform Preparation

More specific information regarding presenter access and navigation within the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid platform as well as instructions on when to arrive at your session etc. will be sent to you in due course.

Technical Summary

Presentation source Webcam
How will content be supplied? MP4 Video files
How do I upload my files? Your video needs to be uploaded directly to YouTube as an ‘Unlisted’ video.
A step by step written guide on how to upload to YouTube can be found here:
Poster Format A standard single screen PowerPoint (or equivalent) slide in poster size. In order to upload your designed poster, you will need to save your PowerPoint slide as a PDF
Presenter registration deadline Due 31/12/2020
Early bird registration deadline 30 December 2020

Presentation FAQs

How long is my summary video?

The length of your full presentation is provided in your acceptance letter. This will be either 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes total.

If you are unsure of your presentation length please contact

How do I record my summary video?

You will need a laptop with a webcam or desktop computer. A detailed presentation filming sheet can be found on the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid website.

What are the size requirements for my PDF Poster?

Posters are to be a single slide PowerPoint (or equivalent) in Poster size.

Specifications for size setting are:

  • 84.1cms - Width
  • 118.9cms - Height

What else do I need to include?

As an accepted Poster presenter, you are required to submit the below files:

  • Full length pre-recorded video presentation link (uploaded to YouTube)– as per confirmed timings of program
  • Speaker biography – short 100-word maximum
  • Speaker photo – high resolution (min 600 dpi)
  • ZARM Acceptance Letter
  • Copy of Abstract (in a Word Doc)
  • Poster PDF

What do I do with my files once created?

Presenters must upload and save their files to a file sharing service (Dropbox or WeTransfer or equivalent) so they can be sent through the presentation portal.

Your Dropbox (or equivalent) folder acts as cloud storage, allowing access from anywhere in the world. Take the file from its original location, select the file, and drag it to your Dropbox folder.

How do I name my files?

Once your files are in Dropbox you should rename them to follow the File Naming Protocol:

  • Date of presentation
  • COSPARid (Scientific event number as per acceptance letter)
  • Presenter name
  • File type

For example,

  • Date of presentation: TUES2FEB
  • COSPAR 2021 scientific event number (COSPARid): A3.1-6-21
  • The file name should look like this: TUES2FEB A3.1-6-21 JANEDOEFULLPRERECORDEDVIDEO

Where do I upload my files?

Submissions are to be made through the COSPAR 2021 Presentation Portal using the below link:

Presenter Portal

When is the submission deadline?

Presenters must submit their full length presentation link by 31/12/2020.

They can then have until 30 December 2020, if necessary, to upload their full PDF Poster.

For all enquiries regarding speaker papers, presentation formats, or presentation submissions:

Emma McPartlan

Keep up to date

If you would like to receive updates and information on the progress of COSPAR 2021 which will be held in Sydney, please fill in details and select your interest for the conference.