Pre-recorded presentation guidelines

Checklist for submitting your pre-recorded presentations

Due 31 December 2020

Full length pre-recorded video presentation YouTube link – as per confirmed timings of program.

Presentation and Speaker Enquiries

For all enquiries regarding speaker papers, presentation formats, or presentation submissions

Emma McPartlan

Congratulations on being accepted to present at COSPAR-2021-HYBRID!

Please see below the following instructions for setting up, creating and submitting your pre-recorded presentation.


Decide how you want to record your presentation

We suggest using Zoom with video and presentation tools. Using Zoom will allow you to the option to share your screen and sound, play videos and show PowerPoints etc. Zoom meeting is free with a basic account. There is however a limit of 40 minutes for meetings with three or more participants. If you have more than three presenters, you may consider using a paid Zoom account, or another form of recording software such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc. Zoom has a record function which will generate an MP4 file that you can download and edit if required. Click here to learn how to customise your thumbnail video layout on Zoom for when you are presenting.

Smart phones also have the capability of high-level recording. If you do not have a PowerPoint or visual components, you may record your presentation using your smartphone. Please ensure you are filming in landscape mode (holding the phone horizontally) rather than portrait mode (holding the phone vertically).

It is not mandatory to you use the programs we have suggested, i.e. Zoom (for recording) and Dropbox (for file transfer). You are welcome to use the program of your choice, but the guidelines and naming convention of your presentation and file remains.


Prepare your presentation content

Select your method of recording depending on whether you have a PowerPoint or video component to your presentation Please check the Framing, Lighting and Recording Guidelines for tips and principles on presentation design. If your presentation is pre-prepared, we ask that you include a copy of your abstract and or a transcript and submit this as a Word document along with your presentation.


Prepare to record your presentation

Prior to recording your presentation, we suggest the following;

  • Use headphones with a microphone attachment or ensure your webcam sound is clear – it is imperative that the audio of your presentation is clear and sufficiently loud. Please use a pair of headphones that also have a microphone attachment to plug into your laptop (if they are wireless please make sure they are fully charged). Ensure the microphone on your headphones is not touching your collar, hair, jewellery, etc. as this can impair your audio.
  • Restart Your Computer – this refreshes your computer and ensures no programs are running in the background. Please close any programs that may open automatically and connect to the internet (Skype, Dropbox, Spotify, etc.) to ensure they do not connect to the internet.
  • Strong Connection – to ensure your connection is stable for the session, make sure no one else on your network is partaking in high internet usage activities e.g. Zoom, Netflix, gaming – if unavoidable, please try hot spotting from your mobile device. The data download is minimal and will ensure your connection is more stable.

Specific requirements for pre-recorded videos

  • The preferred video format is MP4*
  • Please ensure the lighting is appropriate so you as the presenter can be seen.
  • Please ensure the audio is adequate so you as the presenter can be heard.
  • For some tip and tricks on lighting and framing for video recording please see the guidelines attached to your presentation email.

Submitting your pre-recorded presentation

We appreciate that the File Transfer can we a little complex. We have provided this section of the video from the 5-minute point in various languages for you to read and refer to if required.

English French German Mandarin Russian Japanese Dutch Hindi

Full Length Presentation Upload

Once your full length presentation is recorded you will upload it to YouTube directly as an ‘Unlisted’ video.

A step by step written guide on how to upload to YouTube can be found here:

Alternatively, a step by step video guide on how to upload to YouTube can be found here:

Virtual Platform

More specific information regarding presenter access and navigation within the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid platform, as well as instructions on when to arrive at your session etc. will be sent to you in due course.

Multiple Presentations

If you have more than one presentation to prepare, please create separate sub-folders in your Drop box to allow us to easily identify each presentation.

Presenters’ Portal

Each presenter will receive an automatic Login token via email. This is a personalised link to the presenters’ portal. In the portal, presenters will need to provide the following documents via a Dropbox link:

  1. Full length pre-recorded video presentation link (uploaded to YouTube)– as per confirmed timings of program
  2. PowerPoint presentation file (slides) used within the full video presentation
  3. Speaker photo (high resolution min 300 dpi) and biography (100 words)

Uploading your pre-recorded presentation

Contributed or Solicited Talks only

When you contributed/solicited talk has been recorded, please upload it to YouTube as an ‘Unlisted’ video (meaning the video can only be accessed with the private link).

Here are written instructions for uploading to YouTube

Here are video instructions for uploading to YouTube

Here are instructions to locate your video’s private link

It is really important to follow the specifications, otherwise your file may not be useable.

Terms and Conditions

By uploading and submitting my presentation file, I declare and acknowledge that:

  1. The videos I provide will remain on-demand on the COSPAR platform, for registered delegates to access, for 1 year after the Assembly concludes. If you would like your full pre-record presentation removed from the platform after the COSPAR Conference ends please email
  2. The work contained within the presentation files are my own, or the work of a group to which I am directly associated
  3. I have permission of all co-authors to publish the data contained within the file
  4. I have permission of all copyright owners (which may include your employer, or funder, or any owners of third-party graphics) to submit the file and grant the organizers license over the file
  5. The information, materials, images, data etc. that I included (a) do not violate any applicable law, statute, directive, ordinance, treaty, contract regulations or Policies, (b) do not infringe any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of any person or entity, (c) do not breach any duty toward, rights of, any person or entity, including rights of publicity and/or privacy and (d) are not false, fraudulent, deceptive or libelous
  6. I understand that by submitting this file I am granting COSPAR, or any third-party authorized by COSPAR, the right to reproduce and/or communicate (make available online or electronically transmit) the file I have submitted for the purposes of the Conference
  7. I understand the Conference Organizing Committee, or authorized third-parties, are not liable for any legal action or costs pertaining to action sought on publishing or reproducing this file

Keep up to date

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