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Mars Yard & Monash Nova Rover

The team from Monash Nova Rover are coming to COSPAR-K to run the Mars Yard. Using their custom designed and manufactured 6-wheeled rover, Wombat, students will get the opportunity to operate the rover and complete activities designed to introduce them to new skills and improve on their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Our in-person activity will see students complete 3 tasks. Each task will have a unique focus on navigation, mechanical assembly, or geological analysis, all while utilising good communication and teamwork.

Task 1: Navigation - students will need to successfully drive the rover through an obstacle course in order to reach safety. However, the drivers will be limited as they will not be able to see the rover or Mars Yard. Instead, the drivers will need to rely on their teammates in the field to convey appropriate instructions via electronic means.

Task 2: Mechanical Assembly - students will develop skills in coordinate geometry and operate the mechanical arm to fix a solar array, keeping the rover’s battery functioning. This task will require their students to effectively communicate the proper assembly of the solar array to their peers.

Task 3: Geological Analysis - students will be introduced to the fundamentals of geology and astrobiology before analysing a range of rock samples and a soil sample. This analysis will be used to reorientate a map that can lead the students back to their home base. Students will be split into groups of eight and rotate through each of the tasks for the duration of the lesson.

Sounds like your kind of fun? Make sure to book your FREE tickets today to not miss out!

The Monash Nova Rover team can’t wait to take you through this incredibly exciting and educational experience

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The Help Desk was the most visited chat space with 48,540 posts and 8,848 unique viewers. Lockheed Martin’s workshop had a total of 103 posts and 118 unique viewers. The Climate Change topic was well above average with a total of 5,833 clicks followed by the Opening & Awards Ceremony with a total of 3,656 clicks.

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced deferral of the Sydney Assembly from August 2020 to January 2021 and redesign of the presentation mode from 100% in-person to either 100% virtual presentation or a mix of virtual and in-person presentations (COSPAR-2021-Hybrid).

During the events of the week, we all engaged with an extremely high quality COSPAR scientific program. There were 615 sessions, each delivered twice; over 2,000 scientific presentations; and three excellent workshops led by our anchor sponsor Lockheed Martin. Over 2,000 delegates were active on the platform each day. From the app, there have been over 2,000 downloads, more than 117 thousand page hits, and the number keeps rising. The assembly website has had over unique 11,000 users accessing content.


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