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Giant Moon & Mars Maps

The Aldrin Family Foundation is bringing their Giant Moon and Mars Maps to COSPAR-K! Both maps will be on display for the full event and available for everyone to grab a selfie on the Martian and Lunar surfaces.

For select students, an additional opportunity is available to experience the Giant Mars Map and conduct a research mission. The activity will include selecting a Mission Zone where they expect to meet goals of the mission, a Landing Zone where their rover can safely touchdown and a Transit Zone that provides a safe pathway to follow. Together, the team will create topographical models of the three zones. This exclusive activity and lesson will be expertly led by Jim Christensen, Executive Director of ShareSpace Education (the K-12 arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation) live via video with in-person support to ensure students get an unforgettable educational and life experience.

This activity is by invitation only. To express your interest please email

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